Kaur lies at the crossroads of technology and creativity. With six years in post-production and nine years in IT, he brings a unique blend of expertise. He’s based in the tech-savvy city of Tallinn, Estonia, and caters to a global client base both in-studio and remotely.

A Blackmagic Design certified DaVinci Resolve trainer, Kaur specializes in the technical aspects of post-production. His proficiency lies in automating DaVinci Resolve workflows using Python and developing custom color grading tools in the form of DCTLs. These tools offer a wide range of solutions, from complex shot-to-shot corrections to look development and specialized technical utilities, and are utilized by professionals worldwide.

Kaur is not just a behind-the-scenes guy; he enjoys sharing his know-how. Head over to his YouTube channel, where he showcases his cutting-edge DCTLs and teaches you how to build your own! When he’s not waist-deep in code or busy chasing imaginary numbers around the complex plane, Kaur explores other facets of technology, including 3D printing and home automation.